Okay, so I know some of you may see this link and be like: "BUT WAIT, YOU SAID YOU DIDN'T WANT TO ACCEPT DONATIONS!" Well, yes, this is true, but at the same time after a lot of discussing with moderators and what not I decided perhaps it's better not to be so stubborn, especially if people want to help.
So, here it is, the frightening donation button. The yearly cost of the website hosting services is around $115 with tax, if I am to recieve close to that amount in donations then I will pay for another year of domain registration and web site hosting in advance. If not then I will use whatevr donations that are receieved to help pay for the hosting service next time the bill comes up.
I have it set up to receieve donations specifically marked as such and set aside solely for the website.

Remember: Donating is not necessary. Do not feel bad if you cannot or don't wish to donate. Don't let anyone else make you feel bad if they do donate and brag about it. Donating will not give you extra leverage with mods or anything of the sorts. Most of all, times are tough for everyone right now and it's completely understandable that many people may have the desire but not the means to donate.

With that said, if you do wish to donate you are more then welcome too, but please do not use donations as a bragging point and please don't feel pressured to do so.
Here's the handy dandy donations buttion:

Thank you very much,
Amber Anderson
Site Admin of Mokou.org

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